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The Dating Files 1: Why You Need Help Finding a Date

When we’re young, the concept of ‘help’ is extremely prevalent in our lives. From day one we’re assisted with doing the things we cannot figure out, or can only do so well. We’re taught how to eat, how to walk, how to interact with other people. In education we’re given private tuition or extra time [...]

The Key to Balancing Your Busy Life With Your New Partner

How to balance your busy life with your new partner? For members of the dating world who have everything except time, the logistics of creating solid and meaningful connections can be the hardest challenge of all. Love and business represent two very distinct worlds and the necessity of syncing calendars can be a hindrance to [...]

Why Finding The One Can Be Difficult

Why Finding The One is Difficult For You Most men and women will have an idea or image of their perfect partner, with anything outside of this being classed as a compromise or more realistic.  Regardless of whether we believe the person we truly desire is actually out there, it’s very likely we’ll compare the [...]

The Struggles Men face in Modern Dating

Founder of Berkeley International, Mairead Molloy provides her expert commentary on why men are more likely than women to face challenges in the dating scene.

The Biology Behind Cheaters

Once a cheater, always a cheater. It’s a commonly accepted phrase, but is it actually true? According to experts, more than 50 per cent of relationships experience infidelity at one time. If you consider activity on dating apps or websites such as Tinder or Happn as indescretions, that figure creeps alarmingly higher. Be it blossoming [...]

The Problems of Dating as a Billionaire

“I don’t get propositioned by anybody as much as I used to,” says Jerry Hall What a deliciously unlikely love match. In the glitzy corner is Jerry Hall, 59, the leggy Texan model, former partner of Mick Jagger, famous for saying 'The more flesh you show, the higher up the ladder you go.’ In the [...]

How To Be A Savvy, Modern Bachelor

The Bachelor Life - an enviably fancy-free and indulgent existence, dependent of course upon sufficient independent means to achieve the sort of trappings featured here. The modern bachelor may no longer benefit from a Jeeves but he hardly needs one. Blessed with the sufficient bucks in the bank, the unattached man of 2015 has the [...]

Traditional Dating

Is It Time for a Return to Traditional Dating? Tinder, the online dating app, burst onto the scene in 2012 and has been making the news ever since. Sometimes, however, the stories are not all good. Recently, it came out to defend itself on Twitter following claims in a Vanity Fair article that it was [...]

Online Dating Security

Security in the Online Dating Age: Are Your Details Safe? The Ashley Madison hack has been all over the newspapers recently. The website that allows married people to sign up to seek out extra-marital affairs has never been far from controversy for obvious reasons. Perhaps the only good thing is that now people are going [...]

Rules to Reignite Your Relationship

Whether you are married or in a partnership, a long-term relationship offers both parties companionship, friendship and security. Whilst these elements are an integral part of a relationship, they can often overshadow the backbone of why couples are together, romance and love. With more and more couples reporting to have lost that romantic spark, how [...]