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Is true love really blind?

Meeting online has become a popular avenue for many, but can you fall in love with someone you haven't met?

A topic on everyone’s lips in recent news was the fraudulent activities of the renowned Tinder Swindler, taking advantage of those signed up to the popular online dating app.

Such unfortunate women fell victim to the wrath of an amalgamation of fabricated lies. And, in an honest attempt to find true love they were harshly exploited. Dating apps have taken the world by storm and have especially seen a surge in popularity after the lockdown period ended. Of course, the universe was ready to unite, and dating was paramount, why shouldn't it be?

But is it okay to break down your barriers and fully trust a stranger and is there a fine line between having one’s guard up and being too guarded?

It’s easy to get sucked into the romance, luxury and promises made when you’re in the ‘love bubble’ of a new romantic interest, but to differentiate what is true and what is really a glorified mask is something men and women thrust into the harshness of dating life need to become very aware of.

Technology and dating can be a slippery slope, one turned into a rookie game as it’s extremely difficult getting to know the full extent of a human being until you meet them in all their glory. Sure, a profile displaying the fabulous life of Mr or Mrs Right can entice you, but when push comes to shove, a profile is exactly that. A profile.

Let’s dig slightly deeper.

When you turn your head to the side you see only a profile - quite literally only one side. The same rule applies to a short online biography or a visual slideshow of selfies on most mobile apps… what you are presented with [as a user of an app] is a one-sided explanation of a person. Not all sides become truly apparent until you have that first initial introduction.

While video calling between two individuals is a great way to become more personable with one another, it still doesn't replace the intimacy of in-real-life (IRL) interactions. A virtual relationship cuts out the normal senses that one would discover if meeting physically. Touch, taste, sight, and smell are all the things you gravitate towards when falling in love with someone, and they are also all the senses that are eliminated when you have an online relationship.

So, if you are using dating apps, avoid the sticky circumstances of many before. Always meet your potential love interest pretty sharpish from the first instant to banish the rush of ultimate highs crashing down to ultimate lows, stale conversation and boredom of not being able to actually meet.

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So, put your phone down.

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Isabella Aslam for Berkeley International