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Berkeley International Announce New Partnership with Kimberlite

Berkeley International are delighted to be in partnership with…
Kimberlite, a boutique acquisition & development management company, combines institutional standards with leading industry insight and guidance. Kimberlite specialises in 'cradle to grave' development management. Specific development & investment opportunities, suitable to our clients’ criteria, are identified. A business plan is implemented and Kimberlite manages the process from planning through to execution. Kimberlite prides itself on being flexible, offering a service that is tailored to suit each individual project and our clients' unique needs. 
Real estate development is an extremely dynamic business which requires constant analytical reporting of the current situation against the business plan and forecasting of future outcomes. At Kimberlite, reporting is a key piece of our business focus. We know what is vital to our investors and funders and strive to always keep them informed with accurate and concise information and forecasts. 
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