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An Ode to International Women’s Day 2022: The Remarkable Women of Ukraine

A tribute to the brave women of Ukraine. 
Wives, mothers, sisters, and children have experienced the vicious seizure of their once stable hometowns. This has ignited a humanitarian crisis leaving Ukrainian women with nothing, fleeing for their lives and parting with loved ones.
The fight continues for justice, equality and freedom of their beloved country; one that was officially declared independent in August 1991, but is now experiencing an unfairly traumatic invasion.

We dedicate this post to the outstanding strength and resilience of the Ukrainian women who have taught the world what courage truly looks like. March 8th will stand as a moment in time to acknowledge the determination and grit of these extraordinary women.

On International Women’s Day, our hearts went out to the remarkable women of Ukraine.

To the women on the front lines wedged in a war unwarranted and unkind.

To the women broken and afraid, but continuing to save and protect lives. 
To the women fighting for freedom, equality, and justice.
To the women caring for their families, amid a war, with unfailing hope.
We salute you, each and every day as you teach us how to be courageous in the face of danger, and continue to fight for our rights and our countries. 
With profound solidarity, we stand.

Isabella Aslam for Berkeley International