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The Joys of Being a Woman

We recently celebrated the incredible ladies of the world for International Women’s Day, remembering the economic, social, cultural, and political triumphs and achievements made by empowering individuals.     
We at Berkeley International would like to speak on behalf of all females when we say:
Thank God for being a Woman!

Women are professional multitaskers from birth. We can grow an extra life in our bodies, nurture our beautiful children and raise them to be powerful and successful women, just like us.

Running a multi-million pound business? Working several jobs around the clock? Never late for the school run, Christmas play or forgetting to sew the last-minute bead onto that intricate fancy dress outfit? Please, that’s light work. Us women? We’ve got it. 
As emotionally intelligent, smart, and empathetic beings, finding love alongside thriving as an official superhero is something that is either an easy task or one that takes a back seat. 
If a trip down memory lane recalling the overall history of International Women's Day wasn’t enough to make you realize the pure resilience of women, take a look in the mirror and you’ll see it for yourself.
As testing as a woman’s uphill battle for equality may have been in the past, it broke the stigma for breaking the bias in women being seen as only domestic, making way for a change toward an equal life between both males and females.
Equality is a poignant subject in the 21st century, however, it doesn’t mean women are against men or averse to the ideals of a romantic relationship. A successful introduction or connection between two people can build an empire: empowering both sexes, leading the way to a beautiful and flourishing partnership.
They say they a key to a man’s heart is a strong, happy woman by his side. (Funny that, we thought it was a steak).
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The choice is in your hands - that’s the joy of being a woman.
Isabella Aslam for Berkeley International