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Cross Cultural Dating

Technology and easy travel is making the world more accessible every day. One consequence is that attitudes toward dating between cultures give the appearance of relaxing and that cross cultural mixing and matchmaking is on the rise.

In our blog ‘How to date Someone from a Different Culture []’ we suggested the best thing to do when crossing a cultural boundary is to think positive, keep your eyes and ears open and look for things in common. This ethos holds true in any situation but the following piece seeks to expand on changes in traditional cultural restrictions around the world and whether approaching potential partners across geographical and cultural boundaries has become easier in reality.

Is the world really more cosmopolitan or is it the same as ever with improved access and what can we learn from evolving cultural dating styles?

Bigger and increasingly accessible markets include:

Has introduced dating schools for men which teach them how to behave on dates. There are now a lot more men than women in China looking for love because of the ‘one child per family’ policy introduced in the 1970’s. The once appalling record of gender imbalance in China is shifting - men are having to learn how to treat women better and women are in a position to be more choosy. They have money and they want to party while they can and as hard as they can because who knows what terror is lurking around the corner. Adaptable, wealthy and intelligent, China has a lot of exciting people looking for love but you will have to accept that the Chinese very much consider themselves a superior culture ‘between Heaven and Earth’ so foreigners, while accepted, are never really considered equals.

Dating Rating: Well worth a look see.

Group dating is common and it is understood that the objective of dating is marriage. In a country which has an unsolved crime rate of zero and it is illegal to be overweight, the Japanese are brutally practical and do not waste too much time on searching for the concept of ‘love’. Insular by nature and with a culture like no other, the Japanese people are fun but tend not to travel well.

Dating Rating: Hard work but worth it

Land of the arranged marriage, Tinder is becoming a growing force for 20somethings but only with other Indians. The archaic attitudes towards the role of women in India are relaxing but not in a hurry, Old traditional family values and concierge dating is a must to find the best match.

Dating Rating: Fantastic Family values if you find the right person

Is clinging on to stereotypical gender roles. Men still hold open doors and help women off buses. Women are expected to spend time on their appearance and to cook and clean for their partner. However, the world is opening up and the Russians that travel are broadening their outlook. Like every country, there’s good ones and there’s bad ones, but the good ones are very good.

Dating Rating: A rollercoaster ride for sure but great fun and high success rates

Remember the BA pilot who reportedly said: ‘we are now approaching Riyadh. For those wanting to adjust for local time, please turn your watches back 400 years’? No change.

Dating Rating: Fabulous for lifestyle and expat dating where our success rates are above 85%
Of course there’s exceptions - There are many marriages and relationships between cultures that are successful.  However as a rule of thumb, even with technology and changing attitudes, cultural differences are still very hard to overcome, especially over time.

So, to successfully unlock the doors to such fabulous cultures, countries that can add close to 3 billion distinct and varied people to your database search for a partner, the best bet is to use an experienced elite dating agency [/] like Berkeley International who have clients there and which vets partners for you as well as assisting through the cultural minefield.

More good news is that the loneliness caused by Covid has meant that many people, people who once might have never ventured beyond narrow cultural confines, have now opened up to what the rest of the world, irrespective of culture, has to offer.

Berkeley International has offices, franchises and agents all the world. If you are interested in exploring a relationship with someone from a different culture, the best thing to do is to limit the cultural minefield as much as possible from outset by vetted choice and a helping hand.

We’re here to help.