Our Members

Our members are affluent successful professionals who are time-short.

From entrepreneurs to lawyers, financiers, medics to philanthropists, aristocrats and actors, the quality that all our elite members share is that they are highly successful at what they do.  They lead extremely busy lives and are not interested in trawling through potential online  profiles.

One common thread among our members is that they are all seeking a long-term partner. Irrespective of their job, their nationality or their lifestyle, they are genuinely looking for someone to share their life with. Our members are not interested in swipe right or left. What they want is a committed relationship.

Private Members Club

It has been said that Berkeley International is the elite ‘must join club’ for people seeking long-lasting relationships. We are, in essence, an exclusive private members club for discerning professionals looking for exclusive introductions and love. We do not accept just anybody, we only accept people who we sincerely believe will benefit from their membership.


If you are seeking a service where the exceptional is distinguished from merely the very good, please get in touch.

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