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New Year's Resolution No 2: Provoking Instant Change

Mark Twain said, ‘Time is a human construct created to stop everything happening at once.’ Not only that but everything can change in an instant. 
Don’t let all the badness in the world get to you - it can all change in a second. We can change it all in a second. It’s not as hard as we think. The fact that human beings have the capacity to meet somebody they never knew before and fall straight in love with them speaks volumes. If we can do that, make a drastic alteration affecting our whole existence, in a moment, we can do anything. 
Some say ‘everything happens for a reason’ but attribute things that happen to ‘fate’. This then becomes an excuse for apathy, for saying change takes time. We are the reason everything happens so only we can change it. There’s no good hiding in a fancy house or an exclusive resort or even in our own heads, we can change things now, for the better, instantly. 
You can end a relationship that is no good for you, start one you aren’t sure about, quit that job you hate, stop eating sugar or drinking alcohol. We don’t think this is easy, we think it all takes time. Wrong, it doesn’t. We can stop comparing ourselves to others, especially those who are not portraying their real selves. (Remember ‘The Social Dilemma’- most inventors of social media do not let their children watch ANY social media). We can stop ‘liking’ things we don’t really like, stop trying to please people that don’t matter, and start trying to please ourselves. We can say thank you when someone compliments you rather than throwing the compliment back in their face because we think we don’t deserve it. We can be kinder, and not just because some celebrity takes their own life or there is some PR sponsored hashtag we approve of. We can save money, even donate some, better still donate our time. We can listen instead of talking. We can do this knowing that even if we are not the most important person in the world, to a handful of people we might be just that. 
The more of us who choose to change for the better, the better the world will become. 2023 look out!