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How to Propose

There have been plenty of creative virtual proposals over the last year or so but it looks like we are all now back squarely in the physical business and many of us looking to cement relationships built carefully and over time during the pandemic.
So, where and what’s popular to pop the question? Favourites include: a surprise photo shoot, a Treasure Hunt, a Picnic, Getaway, Romantic Dinner, Vespa Tour, hiring a personal chef, inside a book with a love poem, a walk on the beach, a message on a pets collar, creating a website, a custom crossword puzzle - there’s no shortage of ways to play it.
And popping the question is no longer the prerogative of men. Women no longer have to wait up to 4 years for a February 29th to come around. Both partners can now do the proposing.
It’s a big moment, perhaps the biggest decision both of you will ever make. And a romantic moment neither of you will want to forget.
Before we think about who, where and how, first things first - the ring. Tradition has it the man should spend 2 months salary and buy a diamond. Whilst some are moving away from the diamond tradition, many feel that the only real value of a diamond is the effect they can have on women. A shiny, sparkly eye-popper of a rock that cuts glass, sinks fast in Crème de Menthe and dissipates water like it means business (should she ever check) in an amazing container still works wonders.
Do you choose the ring together? Practical maybe, sensible yes, and more couples are working together but it takes away a precious moment for me. You should know what she likes by the time this moment comes up and, let’s face it, the look on her face should be priceless.
And don't forget that a significant number of couples have sex within minutes of a well organised proposal so make sure you’re ready to rock and roll with a handy spot in the vicinity. Location is one of the most defining moments of a proposal. One person I know has proposed twice during a helicopter ride over New York and is two consummations for two - in flight - it just takes planning. If that’s not your thing, most men when asked say they prefer an alone moment, preferably outside with a view. Most women when asked say they care about the thought and effort, no matter the size of the rock or the setting it’s given in. Hmm.
Lots going on then but a romantic dinner on a getaway for two in the countryside armed with the real thing in your pocket, simple and intimate, is still hard to top.