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Be My Valentine

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Instead of being a stressful ‘have I done enough / OMG what do I do?’ time of year when last minute flowers or aftershave or unwanted chocolates really don’t hit the mark with your partner, why not de-stress the whole affair by getting ahead of the game, giving it some lead time, and arranging something special for you and your partner? 
Getting it right should be about the thought, not the money spent. If it’s about the money spent with your partner or your prospective partner, you probably need to have a rethink.  
If you’re looking to impress a prospective partner with a Valentines surprise, try sending a handwritten and personalised card, instead of an online card or a text. If you want to add a gift, as a rule of thumb men appreciate gifts that solve a problem or make something in life easier whereas women tend to appreciate the classics - flowers, weekend away, spa days, scented candles in her flavour, perfume, hug mugs, fine chocolates, or a bottle of bubbly….
For more established couples, February 14 falls on a Monday this year so, if you haven’t already booked a weekend away or spotted a comedy night/theatre/cinema film worth attending (depending on your partner’s personality type) or getting that special item personalised here’s a selection of simple but thoughtful ideas to mix and match for that extra special day.: 
Breakfast in bed. Always a great start, especially with a Bucks Fizz  
Cook a gourmet meal together. 
Pick a romantic movie to watch (together). Sweet Home Alabama is a great choice if neither of you have seen it. 
Book an online mixology class. 
Sign up to a dance class. 
A picnic and bike ride, weather permitting! 
Turn your bathroom in to a spa with candles music, bath oil, mood lights and a refreshing beverage on ice. 
If you haven’t got anyone special that you want to lavish some attention on yet, then think smart and get in touch with us at Berkeley International. It’s never too late to find that perfect date!