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Simple steps to find love this Christmas..

Christmas is a festival of good intentions, but it always brings stories where loneliness are part and parcel of the season. Not just for old people and the homeless etc, loneliness strikes across the board. Some of us feel alone in a house full of people. Christmas can be the best time of year, or the worst.
It might look like gloom and doom again with Covid raising its ugly head again, parties and family get togethers being cancelled, travel plans being ruined, and we face the dismal prospect of this Christmas being the third in a row where not having a loved one or two to share it with feels a hundred times worse than it should.
Then there’s the thought of battered blow dries and snotty noses. Finding love may seem like a daunting prospect but you won’t find love this Christmas without getting out there.
Here’s a quick story. Travelling around Africa most people throw their dirty clothes in a laundry basket. One woman - let’s call her Ms X - talked to the washerwoman. They became friends. The washerwoman invited Ms X to her wedding where Ms X met her future husband. Sometimes finding love just needs you to tweak how you behave.
Don’t pull up the drawbridge, check out the chorus of Mariah Carey’s Christmas song:
‘Listen, more than ever before
Love needs to be something we do
Not something we say
This holiday season, let’s give love away
It’s Christmas’
So, don't write off this time of year as a holiday made for couples. First step, look amazing. Anything from that fancy throw to that Christmas jumper which lights up. Get it out of storage or buy it, get out and about and wear it.
A home-made mulled wine by the fire watching the Christmas channel may sound good but it’s not if you’re doing it alone. And if you’re trying to convince yourself Bridget Jones style that you’re alone by choice and you’re happy with your own company then that’s a short cut to a lonely 2022. Bridget found her love, but she had to get out and about to do it. The only way to find love is to meet people.
It’s not that difficult to be proactive. Everybody’s in the mood for fun at Christmas. Go to those parties, to the pub or to friends. Say yes to work drinks. Help to organise a secret Santa. People are more open to finding a long-term partner at this time of year. You never know what might turn up.
And why not branch out a little. Try that professional dating agency [/our-members] that you have been thinking about. By sticking to the same old dating routine, you’re sticking to the same old chat and bad dates. Having a professional matchmaking service [/about-us] lend a hand, break the filter bubble, and give it a go!