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Men: 4 ways to show her you’re serious and interested

It appears that men and women find it more and more difficult these days to work out whether their date, or new partner, is actually interested in them. And if they are interested, then the next challenge seems to be well, how interested are they, really?Who knows, it may be that our intuition has become mildly dulled with the sheer amount of dates and options we now have available to us. It does feel, however, as though we’re in constant competition with unknown forces that are only a swipe away. It may even be that we’re hesitant ourselves to commit to believing we’ve found the one.This blog is for the men out there who are sure they’ve met a woman they want to be serious with but need help knowing how to show it. Guys, these are the signs she’s probably looking for.


It’s basic but it’s a significant point to make. Waiting a certain amount of time before returning text messages or responding to phone calls is immature and grown-ups don’t need to play these kinds of games. If you’re into her, then let her know. This means you are attentive, responsive to messages as soon as possible and that you’re proactive about making plans for the future, whether short term or long term.


Yep, this is a big one. Women tend to pick up very quickly on whether or not they’re being kept a secret and it’s an uncomfortable limbo to be in. If you’re dating and you’re serious about a woman, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t want to introduce her into your circle. Whether you think your family and friends are too wild, judgemental or opinionated doesn’t matter, you can let her know what to expect.If you’re not ready to make introductions, or you don’t believe the relationship is going to work, be honest with her and refrain from stalling with excuses. You’re both investing time and emotional energy into whatever is occurring between the two of you, so it’s only fair you’re both singing from the same hymn sheet.


A woman doesn’t want to feel like she’s forcing you to date her, or that she’s constantly in charge. Take some initiative, ask her when she’s free and make plans that you know she’ll enjoy and appreciate. You don’t have to make grand gestures one hundred per cent of the time, it truly is the thought and effort that counts in these situations.Continuously and conveniently inviting her over to your place so you can cook for her doesn’t cut it. Make plans that are more than 6 feet from your bedroom. Think outside the box, remember you’re wooing her, remind her why she should choose a relationship with you over someone else.


One of the best ways to show a woman you care is to ensure you’ve communicated to her exactly what it is you’re looking for in a relationship, both short term and long term.If you know she has her mind set on never having a family, be open about really wanting one yourself, if that is in fact true. If perhaps she hopes to eventually travel the world, or move cities and you have zero interest in this, also be clear about it. The last thing you want is your partner to later feel misled or held back in any way. If you present all the information as you yourself know it, she then has the responsibility and opportunity to make sound life decisions based on what you’ve discussed together.