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A Royal Affair

Most agree that the Queen was a difficult act to follow - never apologise never explain - but can we learn anything about dating from the Coronation? 
Well, the Royal Family are still there so, whatever the dating issues might have been over the centuries, they have endured. Today most, it would appear, want to keep them. 
For those who watched the Coronation we were reminded that the UK is good at pageantry. And yes, it’s a fact that the Royal Family are good value for money bringing in lots of tourist dollars. However, in return they have but one job: not to embarrass the nation - a job they have failed miserably at, Harry, Andrew and Charles being the prime culprits. All as a result of poor relationship choices. 
Of these three, arguably, King Charles III and Queen Camilla are the pick of the bunch. What some regard as a great love story - he pursued her his entire life and she has ended up Queen - has cost those around Their New Majesties anything from media castigation to excommunication to a palace to their life.
And be flexible, don’t let your ego get in the way. This failing is aptly demonstrated in the Coronation. Should Charles have handed over the reins to the far better qualified pairing of William and Kate? Of course he should have. They are perfect for the role: no baggage, no skeletons, no mistakes, young, well trained and relatively in touch.
Moral of the story: it’s hard to find the right person with whom to embark on a relationship BUT if and when you do, don't let others pick holes in it, stick to your guns, whatever the cost.