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Christmas Dating

In the lead up to Christmas, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the logistics and details of the big day that you forget about romance. The festive season is a romantic time with log fires, cosy jumpers, fairy lights and general bonhomie leading to excuses to cuddle up so here's some ideas on how to combine Christmas and Romance and find (or keep) that significant other to hold your hand and share the hell that is January.
First big question is: will it be a white Christmas this year? Nothing looks more romantic than a blanket of virgin snow. The UK Met office definition of a White Christmas is one snowflake falling anywhere in the UK on Christmas Day but from a more practical snowman building, snowball throwing, white blanket romance point of view there has only been widespread covering of snow (in a requisite 40% of the weather stations in the UK) on only 4 occasions since 1960: 1981, 1995, 2009 and 2010. So, statistically the odds are stacked against that ultimate romantic accompaniment.
Don’t panic though, the weather is colder than usual in Europe for the time of year and snow is falling in the mountains so keep your fingers crossed dig out a carrot and a scarf and keep it ready to build that first snowman of the season, home or away! If the snow doesn't come to you, wherever you are, why not head for the snow?
Book a room in the mountains. It’s hard to beat the romantic setting of a gluhwein or chocolate in a piste restaurant surrounded by snow-capped mountains. And why exert yourself skiing? A nice snowy walk through your picture postcard fairy-tale village and then back to a roaring fire and hot outdoor jacuzzi with drinks should be enough to get any heart racing!  
And if you’re staying put this year why not try window shopping in a silly Christmas jumper? Take a date out and look for the signs. Is your date OK with wearing a silly Christmas jumper? And if not, why not? Jumper or not, window shopping can be very revealing. Look out for hints - you might get a clue about whether your prospective partner is potentially too high maintenance, completely at odds with your taste whether gift-choice-wise or penchant for selfies but, fingers crossed, hopefully you both get an idea about what to put under the tree. Ice skating is proving more and more popular, especially when accompanied by a thermos of hot chocolate. Again, look for clues. Is he/she willing to give skating a go? If not, why not?
There’s also lots going on in London and for a different take / original idea for a date. Check out where picks include:  Big London Bake, Yo! Sushi school, Monopoly Lifesized, or maybe a bit of VR to get into the moment! All activities offer simple non-invasive ways to have fun and get an insight into how the future might pan out.
First off, like Woody Allen said, 90% of life is turning up so get in touch and set things up!