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What you won’t do, do for love.

In the sultry, silky words of Bobby Caldwell: “In my world, only you make me do for love what I would not do.”

What is it exactly that love makes us do? It seems that once the fire is ignited and you fall deeply in love with another person, there isn’t much you wouldn't do for them.
Love is selfless, blind almost, and love also makes us act in ways we sometimes wouldn't normally consider.

‘All in the name of love,’ they say, ‘do it with love’, ‘made with love'. What is it about being in love or doing acts of love that changes the narrative? There is something about our emotions that gives us the drive to follow through with certain actions.

So, are we doing things out of love, or driven by emotion?

Emotion doesn't necessarily make you do anything out of character, emotion isn’t a spell cast upon you. But you do choose to do things based on the influences and impacts of such emotions. And when love is involved, you may find yourself booking a flight at 1 am to go and visit a romantic interest, arranging a last-minute surprise trip away for the both of you. Or… just simply turning up at their house (oops).

You might not normally be so spontaneous, but love made you do it, right?

There is a fine line between love and emotion, and often we forget to remember that emotions are merely interpretations of how we should feel. Much of life is how we articulate these feelings, and when under the influence of love, they can become amplified.
Relationships are built and filled with several components that are bursting to the brim with emotions. Be it intimacy, appreciation, kindness, compassion, lust, attraction, trust, and honesty... to name a few.

How we handle them and what we choose to do is down to ourselves. Love is a feeling in our hearts, in our very core, which is then manifested into a sentimental experience, one that is meaningful and brings a deep attachment between two individuals.
So, concerning Caldwell’s lyrics: “Some people go around the world for love, but they may never find what they dream of,” yes, this can seem like an easy excuse to give up when looking for a life partner, but it is in fact a far cry from the truth.

There are plenty of people to share life with and enjoy the yearned for feelings of loving someone and being loved in return, and it's not as hard to find as one may think.

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So, the only question left to say now is…

What won’t you do for love?

Isabella Aslam for Berkeley International