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True Love - Rules of Engagement

You’re single and tired of it. Online dating is a nightmare. You need a confidence boost. 

So, what’s going on in dating and how do we find true love? 
Let’s first look at some catchily titled new COVID era trends.
Apocalypsing - treating every relationship like it’s your last.

Wokefishing - when someone pretends to hold progressive views to promote themselves.  
‍Hardballing - which means ‘dating like a CEO’ and not messing around with partners who don't suit you.

Astrolove, which is looking for compatibility according to your zodiac sign.

Slow Dating where partners will get know each other slowly before meeting up in person, a COVID smart idea which looks set to continue. 

The rise of New Dawn Daters, or those who split with a long term partner during Covid and are now single and ready to date again, means a wealth of fresh singles are entering the dating market. 
If you are thinking of trying online, look out for these, especially the Wokefishers, who can be difficult to spot and are often pretty unsavoury types down the line. 
As a rule of thumb, online dating is a minefield for the unwary and site users aren’t really trying to find true love.

While many people want relationships, they have scant idea what they are looking for. 
The following 3 rules of engagement will improve your chances exponentially: 
1. Be happy being single. This boosts confidence, optimism is contagious and happiness frees up space to decide when it’s right, and when it’s not. Forgive and forget the past. If you haven’t already, decide what you want. 
2. Spend the time. Now we have had time to think about it, we’re spending more time getting to know partners, we are more honest with them, we are focusing less on physical attraction and considering a wider range of potential partners. We want more: meaningful conversations, a desire for a full relationship, more honesty and transparency. Video dating will not stop but it’s an additional and  valuable tool of discovery now, not the only choice. 
3. Stop looking for love in the wrong places. Even introductions from friends are fraught with danger. Use a professional dating service - the mere fact you have done so shows you are serious, so whether it pans out or not, you are way ahead of the game. 
True love can be found anywhere, but to find it take the first steps by helping yourself.