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Valentine's Day in Lockdown

The interminable cold of January is behind us. Spring is in the air. The birds are getting frisky. The vaccine is rolling out. And just when you are starting to think positive, Valentine’s Day looms. First off, a big thank you to Hallmark for making Valentine’s Day the pressure cooker it has become.

So you’re virtual dating, in a relationship, or thinking about embarking on a new relationship. How best to approach Valentine’s Day?

Thought 1 is do NOT stress. If your partner or prospective partner is a keeper, he or she will not mind whatever you do.

Thought 2 is to back the oldie but goldie favourites - Cards, Flowers and Bubbles. Chocolate can be a mixed bag as many of us are making big efforts not to become pandemic ‘chunks’.

For the more adventurous, those who think cards saying ‘Olive You’ or ‘A Pizza your Heart’ might not cut the mustard…
Thought 3 is all about thoughtfulness. Of course, thoughtfulness works pretty well all year round but why not showcase it on the14th, whatever your personal circumstances?

For example, a favourite breakfast in bed, a handwritten Love Letter or making a Home-Made personalised anything. You can't go too far wrong when time taken and thought spent figure in the mix.

In a year which has been very different, some things never change. What has happened differently is that we have had time to take a look at our lives and for many, it is a year where loneliness has never been more amplified. 
A  final thought therefore is not about splurging or indulgence or partners but how about simply about taking the opportunity to send a card or a thought to someone who would not normally expect to get one. Perhaps someone living alone, not in the limelight, not on social media, rich or poor, young or old, it doesn’t matter - just an unexpected thought to someone not expecting it.
That could be real Valentine magic.