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Wedo Women’s Inspire Network

The Wedo Women’s Inspire Network is for any Woman who is thinking of starting a business, or who is already running a business and might feel isolated working from home or in a male dominated work environment.

It’s all about people - We know how important it is to feel special and part of a community that is positive, safe, friendly and supportive. As business owners we have that personal touch,  are running our businesses, following our passions and really love what we do and why we do it.

Why join?

Running your business alone can be isolating.

We know how important it is to surround yourself with good people who are like minded.

We get it, we understand how isolating it can be and how many questions can be rolling around our busy heads that’s why we created Women’s Inspire network!

Women’s Inspire Network is for you and run by Female Business Owners.

We understand the challenges, pitfalls and difficult situations that arise along the way. We also present you with opportunities that can help you become the best at what you do!

Our members:

We have members who are aged 35 to 55 mostly, probably started business later in life and who range from Accountants, Solicitors, Social media consultants to florists, Freelancers, artists, Speakers,  Journalists, gift industry and CEOs of retail companies.

We also encourage young Female Startups to join us to learn from more experienced members and get that mentoring they might need.

What you get as a member.

• Raise your profile  
• Get more opportunities
• Opportunities to promote and support other businesses just like you
• Useful introductions  
• Confidence building  
• A safe understanding space to ask questions  
• You can be yourself, ask for help - no stupid questions  
• Support
• PR opportunities  
• Discounts for services  
• Discounts on tickets for events
Join us and be part of something really special – click here for more information [].