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Technology v Dating

At the foot of this blog is a link to a Fox News article dated 18 March 2023 which offers an opinion as to why the Gen Z generation (18-29 years old) has stopped dating.
The headline is misleading. Gen Z has not stopped dating - they have simply stopped taking dating seriously.
A study by Pew Research shows that in 1970 86% of dating 18-29 year olds dating got married but that figure has plummeted to a worrying 3.3% in 2019.
This, they say, is down to social media, dating apps and pornography. In brief, social media and dating apps give access to thousands of beautiful women and pornography promotes a physical relationship rather than an emotional one creating a superficial, ultra competitive environment of instant gratification over relationship building.
This has manifested into a ‘grass is greener’ mentality where, if any blip or red flag comes up in a relationship, men move on rather than tackling it. The issue is reinforced by swathes of tv reality shows which encourage superficial and carnal behaviour.
Marriage statistics aside, relationships where the smallest issue arising results in a parting of ways cannot be healthy. Getting through rough patches and learning is a major part of what binds two people together. Without it you would spend your life tiptoeing on eggshells and that is no way to live. Furthermore, apply that mentality to work and nobody would last more than 5 minutes in a job.
If you watched The Social Dilemma you will know that the people who invented social media do not allow their children to watch it. Ever.
If you are using dating apps or social media to meet people, when on a first date an early bird discussion of how much he/she relies on social media might be a good idea. The ones we all see permanently taking photos of themselves or on their phones 24/7 are likely so busy on the lookout for something better, they miss what’s in front of them.
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