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Dating Trends for Summer 2022

In the two years of lockdown reflection we shifted the way we approach our health, lifestyles, and the way we dated. 2022 is shaping up to be a new normal, a different way to date that better mirrors who and how we are today. The days are longer, people are happier, and the potential for romance is hotting up with the temperature.
We are letting go of virtual dates and Zoom intros and taking baby steps into the world of exploratory dating. No great surprise now that closed doors are opening again but be mindful of the vibes on the rise so you can be ready when the moment comes.
Being single is a vibe. You’ve probably heard the word ‘mindfulness’ but this is a word often used in the wrong context. All it means is an awareness of the present moment. Where dating is concerned, it means you choose how you date and if this means a rebirth of enjoying (post pandemic) solitude, then all the better. Oscar Wilde said of bores: ‘you deprive me of solitude while affording me company’. With a mindful mindset and being ‘consciously single’ you can avoid the bore and be comfortable on a date because you are not fighting your relationship status.
Daters are becoming more open minded and expanding their horizons. There is less focus on a specific type being right for you. Reserve your judgments and check out a wider pool of possibles. Let’s face it, you are dating because you haven’t found the right one so far, so a bit of flexibility might be the key to unlock something new and right.
Dry dating is worth a try. Everybody drank heavily during the pandemic so there’s a movement to cut down the units. ‘Sober-curious’ dating is also about making choices that are not alcohol driven. First impressions last and a first impression through beer goggles might be one you live to regret.
Prioritise your mental health. A much maligned part of the health sector that’s nevertheless here to stay. Hinge UK data suggests that 83% of users who say they are going to therapy on a first date, tend to get a second. Openness about mental health is a big talking point in 2022 and beyond.
So, clear the cobwebs, decide what you want, be flexible in your approach and get out there!