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International Dating

The countries we cover

Berkeley International is a truly diverse and international elite dating agency with offices all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA.  If you reside in a country not currently on our list, we are still more than happy to connect with you, discuss your relationship needs and see how we may be of assistance.

More and more, the world of romance and executive dating is becoming a borderless endeavour, with location no longer acting as a barrier to finding the perfect match.  If you’re willing to travel, or open to dating someone who’s willing to travel, then an international dating agency is the best route forwards.  

This type of specialist matchmaking is also a worthwhile consideration if you’re planning a personal or professional relocation, to a destination where you hope to settle for the immediate future.  

Berkeley International is here to assist you in finding your best match possible, enabling you to concentrate on other areas of your life.

How our elite dating services work

Our discreet international matchmaking introductions are treated with the same positivity and rigour as those introductions we make for local members, who wish only to date within their immediate area.

International introductions are made always based on what people are seeking in a relationship, their personal and business commitments, and their ability or willingness to love long distance or relocate. Our dedicated teams take the time to interview every applicant, to ensure meticulous standards are met. Your exclusive matchmaker will have an approach that is personal, intuitive and based on decades of industry expertise.

Ultimately, any top tier dating service that focuses on affluent matchmaking or discreet dating services, should aim to consistently match members for whom the end goals are either the same, or extremely similar.  This is imperative to minimise any wasted time, or surprises which are avoidable, should the relationship become serious.

Your commitment to international dating

International dating can sound intimidating to members if they perceive it as committing to large life changes before even dating someone. It is however, not as daunting as it sounds.

Much like your preferences for age, looks, or professional status, an interest in international dating may simply mean you’re flexible and open to the possibility of finding love further afield.  You will need to ask yourself how you would feel if your ideal partner does not permanently live in the same country or continent as you.  Would you be open to a long distance relationship, or prefer that one of you fully relocate?

Becoming a member of our international professional matchmaking agency does not mean that we will put all our efforts into finding you a member who lives thousands of miles away, not at all.  It simply means that we will not discount an individual just because they do.  We’ll leave that decision up to you.

What does international dating mean?

It is important to note that opting to date abroad can take on a varied number of arrangements and how you do it is a choice to be made by you and your partner.  International dating may mean:

  • You’re seeking a partner in a country you intend to emigrate to
  • You’re open to dating someone who currently lives abroad but who intends to settle where you are
  • You’re open to being the sole reason a person relocates
  • You’re open to relocating for someone
  • You’re open to a long distance relationship for the short or long term

The end result of deciding to date internationally does not always mean there will be a tussle over who relocates where.  Our members are confident, successful people who are used to making tough decisions daily.  Most are extremely clear with us about why they have chosen to engage a specialist matchmaker and what they can or cannot do as part of a serious relationship.  To maintain our own standards and remain the best at what we do, we cover these questions during our interview process.

A side note – commitment in general

Dating, whether you’re dating internationally or within your own country, requires some level of commitment when your intention is to really find your life partner.  Having said this, we make it expressly clear that international dating does not mean you need to feel pressurised into making relationships work, if clearly they are not.  Your biggest commitment is always to yourself, so there should be no added pressure simply because members are travelling long distances or relocating for love.  Everyone who is accepted onto our member list is very clear about what they are signing up to.

International dating versus local dating

Working with an elite matchmaker means that worries or concerns about the realities of dates can be discussed in detail before any arrangements or commitments are made. The point of engaging an executive dating agency is to gain assistance where you most need it, so this is what we are here to do.  

The main initial difference between local and international dating is that there is usually more effort required at the planning stage.  First dates may not always be as simple as hopping into a taxi, or taking an hour out of your working day to meet for a quick coffee.  A first date may mean you travelling somewhere you have never been, being flown out by a member, or having to wait a few weeks before both of your calendars align.  We believe that the willingness to make such efforts does however demonstrate the level of seriousness both members have in their search for love.

If you choose an executive dating service to assist with your love life, it generally means you’re ready for a concerted attempt at dating and relationships. The expert team here at Berkeley International understand that it’s easy to go on the Internet, create a dating profile and within a few minutes meet someone who lives a short car ride away. This type of minimal effort is what unfortunately leads many to take the processes and rituals of dating for granted. Truly elite dating services remain aware of the often misrepresented convenience that online dating can present and for this reason we encourage our members to be a little more adventurous in their pursuits, where possible.

The expectation of international dates

As to the logistics of using an elite matchmaker and finding yourself on an international date, we strongly suggest you treat the experience like any other. What we mean by this is that men, you assume your usual role and remain the person you commonly are on a date. For women, we implore you to have exactly the same standards and expectations that you would at any other time.  We are very clear with our members about this.

Simply because another person has spent a large amount of time or money travelling to see you, once or even a number of times, it does not mean they are owed anything in return.  Of course, we expect courtesy, respect and attentiveness between all of our members to go without question on a date.  However, there is no debt to be repaid for the decision another person or you both have mutually made.

All Berkeley International members join this international dating agency with the understanding there may be different requirements in regards to time and travel.  During the interview process and beyond, our elite matchmakers will quickly spot and rectify any obvious or more subtle misunderstandings.  If ever in doubt, remember that exclusive introductions and affluent matchmaking is the preferred choice for those for whom the prime concern is not necessarily the financial outlay.   The priority and focus is spending time and effort, connecting with others in order to find the one.

Long term goals when using a specialist matchmaker

When you’re choosing to use exclusive dating services and you make the effort to stay in good communication with your international matchmaker, this is usually a sign that you have a long term goal in mind. Generally speaking and in our experience, members do not complete the process of applying, interviewing and joining our books, if it’s only very short term satisfaction they’re seeking.  This happens extremely rarely.

Having long term goals when dating internationally is just as important as when you’re dating locally, if not more so.  When people are mutually investing their time, finances and emotions into seeking honest and stable relationships, it’s only courteous for those they are meeting to communicate clearly what their long term goals are.  

For instance, dating a man who one hundred per cent wants children would be classed as having mismatched goals, if having children is completely and utterly off the cards for the woman he is seeing. Any and all long term, or important, goals absolutely must be communicated as early on in our exclusive matchmaking process as possible.  This ensures that everyone involved has the same chance to make sound decisions about their own futures.

The effect international dating has on family and friends

When considering an international introduction, it’s inevitable you will consider how the meeting may affect your friends or family.  It is of course much more likely that you will have these concerns if you’re the one who is indeed thinking about relocating for love.  

We have written about this on our blog before and there is a wealth of content about the impact friends and family can have on our dating choices, or the life that we are aspiring to.  Your family and friends are hopefully people who want the best for you but it’s understandable if they have reservations about your international dating choices.  

If you’re single with no dependants, you do have the right to be relatively selfish when weighing up the pros and cons of dating across borders.  Think about who holds you at night, who you’ll be raising a family with, who you’ll be travelling with, or having the wonderful shared life experiences you crave.  As much as our loved ones are important, if they themselves are all married and happy, they should understand your desire to be so too.

Managing your time when dating someone who lives abroad

Admittedly, relationships can feel a little pressurised when you’re dating internationally and feel as though you always have one eye on the clock or calendar, before a flight or train leaves.  The extremely definite nature of someone either being available in-person or not, makes some feel as though they’re racing against the clock and trying to cram everything into a few hours, or a couple of weeks.  It does not have to be this way.

Dating should never feel rushed or pressured for any member of an executive dating service and it won’t if you do your best to keep your eye on the end goal.  Hopefully this goal is one where you and your partner have mountains of time together, for as long and as often as you need.

In the meantime and where possible, you and your match should aim to make equal efforts in spending time with one another.  Appreciate the input you’re both giving, don’t turn it into a huge deal and do not take it for granted.

A side note – ‘holiday romances’

It’s crucial that members who choose exclusive matchmaking services and whom are open to international introductions, don’t fall into holiday romance mode.  This is where life together is action-packed, always intense or busy, and emotions are continuously at a peak.  Whilst this may sound delightful, the reality of a lasting relationship is that sometimes you have nights in on the sofa, sometimes you just have a couple of friends over, or spend a few hours apart.  Where possible, attempt to inject a little normality into your international dating, during the time you are actually in the same space.