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Loneliness and Dating During Covid

Loneliness has always been all around us, but it’s never been felt more acutely than right now. Around the world some 2.6 billion people are living under stay at home Covid regimes. Many of us are realising that being alone and loneliness are not mutually exclusive. We are finding that distractions like busy work schedules, travel, parties, even friends and family are no longer able to cover the cracks - many of us, even those of us with good jobs and close friends, now understand more than ever that living life without someone special to share it with is not emotionally healthy.
Virtual dating statistics are very much on the up but 'toe in the water’ dating does not conquer loneliness. It might deflect for a moment or two, but that is all. We want more from relationships and are more willing to put in the leg work, rather than just paying lip service to that leg work. With fewer distractions and more time on our hands, some of us are using this pandemic as an opportunity to look at ourselves and really analyse what we want in a partner for life.
Now is that moment to establish a strong emotional connection virtually rather than swiping left on dating apps or filling in questionnaires so that, when the time comes to meet and date offline, the actual physical meeting is much less of a hit and miss affair. It’s not easy, far from it, and even with the best laid plans it’s not always going to end up being the ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ top of the Empire State Building electric finale we might envisage, but we are learning what can be achieved with a bit of self-discovery, emotional compromise, motivation and effort. You get out what you put in.
There is no substitute for having a true life companion, a partner with whom you can love, trust and share a future with.
Maybe it’s time to put some investment and time into yourself. Some settle for a dog, others want the real thing. Which one are you?
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