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Yes, there’s a difference between sex and intimacy

As an adult, it shouldn’t be breaking news to you that intimacy and sex are far from the same thing. We all know it’s possible to have sex with someone and yet feel a million miles removed from them, just as it’s possible to be intimate with another person without ever taking off our clothes. [...]

6 Habits we start to take for granted in relationships

Basic manners In the early days of dating most of our manners are impeccable and there’s not one word or action we miss when assessing how potential partners treat us. As time goes on however, our levels of appreciation can slip to woeful levels, sometimes bordering on downright rude and ungrateful. Sure, your partner knows [...]

Gaslighting in relationships: the not so obvious abuse

There’s a lot of open talk now about the different types of toxicity people can experience within relationships. It used to be that domestic violence was the only focus, that as long as you weren’t getting hit or beaten up, things weren’t really that bad.  Unfortunately, the emotional impact of non-physical abuse was disregarded and [...]

What’s your love language?

The Five Love Languages book was published in 1992 by Gary Chapman and became a worldwide phenomenon in the field of love and relationships. For those who’ve read it, it’s changed the entire way they operate within relationships and how they interact with their spouses and loved ones. The premise of the book is that [...]

40 And Ready to Start a Family

Unfortunately, for some women in today’s society, one of the most frustrating elements of life is deciding when, if and how you choose to become a mother. The minute you hit 30 not only does your body clock begin chiming louder than ever, but relatives, friends and seemingly the whole medical profession appear to grow [...]

The Tech Files: Texting On A Date

Most of us could be described as at least mildly attached to our mobile phones. If there’s a spare moment to be had, gone are the days where we sit in silence and gaze at the world around us, watching strangers go about their daily business. These rare gaps are instead seen as prime opportunity [...]

The Tech Files: Online Cheating

We hear stories all the time about women catching their partners talking to other women online. We’re not being sexist, we’re relaying real stories and unfortunately, the majority of these ones come from women we meet or who read our blog.  They want to know what online flirting means for the future of their relationship: [...]

The Tech Files: Texting Your Ex

Staying in contact with an ex is, for the majority of people, fraught with issues. It’s not necessarily only negative breakups that cause the most stress, even splitting up on amicable terms can unleash just as much confusion about the right protocols to adopt post-relationship.  When it comes to texting, often viewed as the safer [...]

How to tackle your loneliness

There’s a lot of talk about loneliness these days. It used to be an unfortunate accompaniment to old age, something that showed up overnight with the death of a loved one or gradually, as all your friends began to retire and move away.  Now, however, loneliness doesn’t have those sorts of boundaries and can infiltrate [...]

What relationship hang-ups do you have?

It’s unlikely you’ll be surprised to find out there are very few personal hang-ups which affect dating as much as age and weight.  These topics infiltrate nearly every area of our lives and of course, the surplus of negative feelings can usually be traced back to the media.  It’s not that TV and magazines are [...]