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When healthy relationship habits turn toxic

There are some relationship behaviours that are easily assumed to be healthy when first they begin, and it’s not easy to spot the signs when they morph into something altogether different.  It’s true the lines can be somewhat thin and occasionally blurred but for the sake of your emotional health and mental sanity, it really [...]

Spending Christmas or New Year apart?

Spending Christmas or New Year apart when you’re part of a couple can put certain strains on how much you enjoy the holiday season as a whole. We all want to be with our nearest and dearest but on some occasions, tradition and expectation will trump our true desires and we end up caving in. [...]

Men need dating help too

There comes a point when dating life gets difficult for both sexes.  If this time comes for you, it’s important to acknowledge that you as a man have as much right as anyone to help and guidance. It’s easy to believe that women need more support, or suffer more disappointments and pitfalls than men, but [...]

So, we’re nearly at the end of your dating year

Now that 2019 is coming to a close you’re probably feeling a huge shift in energy from the people around you. We’re all already talking about 2020 and, whether we know it on not, we’re setting new goals or drawing lines under old ones. It’s extremely easy to get swept up with it all and [...]

Men: 4 ways to show her you’re serious and interested

It appears that men and women find it more and more difficult these days to work out whether their date, or new partner, is actually interested in them.  And if they are interested, then the next challenge seems to be well, how interested are they, really? Who knows, it may be that our intuition has [...]

6 Red flags to be wary of on a first date

When on a date it’s likely you’ll be on high alert for words or actions you either like or don’t like, we know that.  Having said this, when you’re caught up in the moment and a little tipsy on champagne, errors in judgement are more easily made.  Deciding which red flags to rationalise away or [...]

How to start a new relationship

Starting a new relationship can be a daunting and intimidating experience, no matter whether you’ve been single a long time or are just coming out of a long term partnership. Just thinking about the amount of ‘getting to know each other’ or ‘tiptoeing around what to say and do’ can be a deciding factor in [...]

Fun and freedom after your breakup

When we break up from a partner who really meant something to us, there’s always going to be a low period. It doesn’t necessarily matter how many times we’ve been here before, or even whether we saw it coming or were blindsided.  The severity of emotions are just as tough and although different depending on [...]

Are you really just bickering?

So you may not be a couple who fight in the heated sense, with arms flailing and raised voices, but this doesn’t mean you don’t argue. Interestingly, there’s a large divide between couples that believe not arguing with a spouse is a badge of honour and those who think it’s a totally healthy way to [...]

5 irresistible traits women look for in a man

Everyone’s different, we know that. Some women prefer taller men, some are only interested if you’re childfree and CEO of your own company. What we’re not trying to do here is give you a definitive list of what the woman you’re dating may be looking for, but instead showcase the traits you can’t go wrong [...]