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4 Things Every Man Must Know Before Going on a Date

When it comes to dating there are certain pieces of advice that are helpful across the board, to both men and women.  Whether it’s your first date ever or you consider yourself practically a professional at it, tips make life easier.  Listening to a few choice words here and there can help to weed out [...]

Leap Year: Should a Woman ever Take Control of Love?

The short answer to the question of whether a woman should ever take control of her love life is yes, of course she should.  It’s incredibly important for women to have vision and clarity about the sorts of relationship they want and the future they aspire to create.  It’s essential for anyone to have this, [...]

Introducing the Introduction Agency

Is Valentine’s Day Fading Away?

The Dating Files 4: When The Date is Over

There’s a lot of information and advice written about how to find a date, where to have it, what to wear, how to present yourself or how to behave.  Yet sometimes, the most difficult part is none of those things.  It’s after a date that a lot of people can experience nervousness, usually stemming from [...]

The Dating Files 3: The Joy of Dating

When people think about dating, it’s very rarely the positive elements that spring to mind.  It has us recalling wasted evenings that could, in hindsight, have been put to better use.  We mentally re-live the absolute uncertainty involved, sometimes the time and cost implications and always the sheer inconvenience of not getting what we want [...]

What do the Professionals have to say on the Modern Day Dating Scene?

Mairead Molloy, international matchmaker, provides her expert opinion on the challenges women face in the dating scene today.

The Dating Files 2: Owning Your Dating Decisions

Throughout history dating has always been an important stage within people’s lives, so much so that choosing a partner was often removed from the hands of those doing the actual dating.  Whether we look at particular cultures known for their strong belief in matchmaking, or eras where chaperones and class systems featured heavily, it’s clear [...]

The Dating Files 1: Why You Need Help Finding a Date

When we’re young, the concept of ‘help’ is extremely prevalent in our lives. From day one we’re assisted with doing the things we cannot figure out, or can only do so well. We’re taught how to eat, how to walk, how to interact with other people. In education we’re given private tuition or extra time [...]

The Key to Balancing Your Busy Life With Your New Partner

How to balance your busy life with your new partner? For members of the dating world who have everything except time, the logistics of creating solid and meaningful connections can be the hardest challenge of all. Love and business represent two very distinct worlds and the necessity of syncing calendars can be a hindrance to [...]