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The Matchmakers’ Choice: 5 Valentine’s Gifts

Berkley International is just getting better at their jobs and killing their competition!

Men: How To Pick The Right Partner

Men: How To Pick The Right Partner Men are given a raw deal in society sometimes. They can be depicted as superficial when choosing the right partner and are often accused of favouring looks or age over compatibility and substance. Apart from the fact that beautiful or not very bright women deserve just as much [...]

Your first couples’ holiday

So, right now you’re dating. You’re seeing each other a few times a week, have probably stayed at each other’s houses and maybe even had a weekend away together. Now, it’s time for the big one, the extended trip where you actually have to check luggage into the hold and be on a plane for [...]

International Kissing Day

When events pop up in our calendar that signal as much romance as International Kissing Day, it’s near impossible to not get involved in the love fest. Kissing, whether gently on a lover’s nose or passionately after time apart, is a pleasure so simple that we forget its power. We forget, in the midst of [...]

The Words That Are Getting in The Way of Your Dating Life

  It’s important to maintain a healthy and positive attitude when dating and yet, it can be so easy to let this slip.  When we’ve been single for a long time or unsuccessfully searching for new love, we aren’t always as helpful to ourselves as we should be.  Sometimes this is down to how we [...]

How to Enjoy Single Life

It’s understandable that being single isn’t something people always aspire to.  Life is for sharing and when we have no one to accompany us on our path it can feel lonely and disheartening.  There is however, also a flipside to this that we’ve all experienced at least once, and that’s the sheer freedom that single [...]

How to Begin Again After Divorce

No one in love gets married and expects for it to end.  We enter into long term relationships with the best intentions.  We want to make them work, to live happy and fulfilling lives with our chosen partners.  When these relationships don’t work out however, it’s very easy to become jaded and to start doubting [...]

How to be Yourself Whilst in Love

Falling in love should mean that someone has become a part of your life and can share it with you.  What it shouldn’t mean is that your personality is automatically absorbed and merged into someone else’s.  Getting lost in love is easy to do and no one will fault you for becoming carried away, but [...]

A New Flame: Rules to Revamp your Relationship

A sure fire way to meet the wrong person or scare off the right one, is to approach your dating life with an air of desperation. Wanting to be with a partner at any costs can mean that you come off as indiscriminate in your dating choices and, ironically, will make you seem less of [...]