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So, You Want To Date My Daughter?

There's a vast array of female dating experts and matchmakers who can write skilfully about love and relationships. We offer advice to men about grooming and manners, and even go so far as to supply insider information, on feminine thought-processes and secret must-haves. The team at Berkeley International however, aren't afraid to admit that some things need to be taught man-to-man. Getting sight of another male's perspective can be priceless, especially if one day that man might be an in-law.This month, in honour of International Men’s Day on 19th November, we’ve gone straight to the men that are most important in your woman’s life. Yes, we've asked their fathers exactly what qualities you’ll need, to get their all-important blessing.


If man is interested in dating my daughter then he has to be an honest human being, and respectful of her. That doesn’t just mean playing the role of gentleman, it means respecting her decisions in life, who her friends are or whatever career she chooses. I know a man can only be honest with her if he’s able to be honest with himself, so I look out for anyone who tries to pretend he’s something he's not.Tony, 47, Kent


Show me you have manners and are committed to something else other than my daughter. It can be a hobby you take seriously or a business you're dedicated to, it really doesn’t matter. It just has to show me that you’re a man of substance, who can appreciate something over the long term. A belief in something bigger than yourself is important to me.Sam, 35, Surrey


You have to either be making something of your life or aspiring to. However, family must come first for you, above all else. I want to hear how you speak about your mother, your sister, even your PA if you have one. If you don't value the women who are already closest to you, then I'll question your intentions and stability.Andrew 55, London


It’s a small thing, but have the confidence and presence of self to look me in the eye and offer me a firm handshake. When it comes to my daughter, speak up but not over her and give her everything she needs, but not always everything she wants.Justin, 42, London


For goodness sake be faithful, just be faithful or leave.Scott, 53, Berkshire


It’s important I know that if you take her somewhere, no matter what happens between the two of you, you will always make sure she returns home safely. Be a man of your word or at least recognise and apologise when you can't be. Respect her for who she is, regardless of what she's wearing or how much she's had to drink.Ravim, 62, Oxford


Respect as a human being is the least you should give to anyone. Attentiveness is something I also look out for. If her glass is empty, ask her if she want's more. If she's late coming home from work, I want to know you offered to collect her from the station. The only time I should see her upset is if you've done something wrong, other than that you should be the go-to for her emotional health. She's been raised to give you the same in return.James, 39, Cambridge


Small-minded men are a no-no, I don’t care how much money, fame or good fortune you have. If you can't see the value of all people from all walks of life and mix with them, then I would struggle with accepting you.Andre, 57, Brighton


Having spoken to a number of men, the overriding quality we found them wanting is respect. They want their daughters to be respected more than they want them to lead lives of luxury, be looked after or pandered to. When you ask a woman what qualities are important to her, you’ll likely receive a multitude of different responses, the answers here however are a good basis from which to build.Are you still looking for that special someone? if so visit our how we work page [] to find out how we can help you. For more information fill out our discrete enquiry form []