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Your Practical Guide To Valentine’s Day

There are a ton of different gifts and activities that over the years have become standard fare for Valentine’s Day. So much so, that many of us don’t expect anything particularly creative and neither do we really feel pressured to give anything original. Here at Berkeley International we except that there isn’t always time to be hugely inventive, so this year we’re focusing on some of the classics. We’re making sure that you do what you can, but always to the highest standard possible.


A dozen long stem roses is a beautiful sight to behold and has been the signature of lovers for hundreds of years. As stunning as they are, and even considering everything they symbolise, we suggest thinking carefully before making them your default choice. What can be more meaningful is to buy flowers that are personal to your lover, maybe their favourite type, to show you know them and what makes them happy.If it’s still early days in the relationship or you genuinely don’t know what your partner’s favourite flowers are, give yourself time to improvise. Walk into a florist, maybe a couple of different ones, and take a real look around. Find a bouquet that, for you, represents or reminds you of your mate. You can even describe their personality to the florist and have them make suggestions. When you give your partner the flowers, tell them why you chose those particular ones, so they know how much thought went into it.


Visiting favourite restaurants can be a wonderful way to reminisce and bond with each other. With all of our busy schedules these days, sometimes familiarity is the most relaxing go-to for a couple. If so, book your favourite table, have your favourite wine on chill for your arrival and take your time with each moment.If you want to try somewhere new this year, or your relationship isn’t at the ‘our favourite places’ stage, then we suggest revamping the whole dinner experience. Give the evening an elegant edge by travelling in an executive car, having cocktails in an upmarket hotel bar beforehand, or dessert somewhere fun that you’re both completely overdressed to be in. This is the stuff memories are made from and a great way to build even more experiences into a special night out.


We apologise in advance for offending anyone, but any old box of cheap chocolates from a shop on your local high street – no matter how popular – is not going to cut it. You should spend as much time choosing the right chocolates to gift as you would the perfect wine to accompany an important meal.Does your husband or wife prefer Belgium or Swiss, milk or dark, truffles or artisan? If you’re going to give someone the gift of chocolates, make an effort to buy ones that are truly worth the calorific intake. Chocolates should never be seen as a quick win, where just anything will do.


There’s little duller than receiving a beautiful Valentine’s Day card in which the only handwriting or unique words in it are your name and a kiss. Give any card instant extra value by writing a few words about the person it’s for and what they mean to you. No one is expecting Shakespeare-esque poetry and neither does it need to be essay-length. Simply add a little more effort to express yourself and it’ll be just the ticket to making someone feel truly cared for.


Frankly, getting dressed up in a sexy outfit for your Valentine’s night can be seen as an easy win for both men and women. Whether you’re the buyer of the outfit, the wearer, or both, we’re asking you this year to add some flourishes to your repertoire.We suggest starting the titillation early in the morning and building up to an evening of delight, one that is merely complemented by your choice of attire or erotica. Exchange text messages throughout the day - photos optional - send your lover hints, perhaps even give them some input into what you’ll be buying or wearing later… Make the experience more than a quick 30mins at bedtime.At Berkeley international we pride ourselves on being able to provide an elite matchmaking service across the world. Visit our where we work page [] to find out more. And enquire [] here for more information on how we work [].