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Why You Should Use a Matchmaker

When people are considering their dating options they usually have a preference as to how they’d like to meet a partner. The number one desire is for it to happen organically, to go out and meet someone at an event, perhaps at a charity dinner or lunch with friends. Bumping into the man or woman of your dreams in such a casual manner is viewed as ideal, because to some extent we all believe that finding love should be effortless.Online dating has, for the vast number of people, become the consolation prize for finding their significant other during their daily lives. It’s either a natural progression or, it takes place after much coercion from family and friends. There is however another way, one that often gets over looked, and that’s to use a matchmaking service.For some, using a matchmaking service is viewed on par with having a friend set you up on a blind date and of course, we’ve all heard stories about those. In reality, matchmaking is much more, and in comparison to online dating, is the far more attractive choice.


Receiving a bespoke service, tailored to you and your specific needs, is always going to give you a better chance of getting what you want. Do you want to spend 30 minutes filling out an online questionnaire, or a couple of hours with a matchmaker trained in asking you the important questions and understanding you as an individual? We’re used to doing everything online these days and this in itself can give a false sense of efficiency where there is none. A matchmaker is not only able to present you in your best and most genuine light, they’re able to filter and select suitable dates, so you have one less chore.


Feedback in anything we do is important, it’s how we learn and improve. When you use online or even conventional dating, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever know what your date really thought. Sometimes, this can be disheartening and using a matchmaker helps to break any unknown patterns that may be holding you back. You’ll always find out in what ways a date went well or didn’t, minimising the guess work involved.


A matchmaker is more than a woman in an office flipping through profile cards. This industry has evolved rapidly in the past couple of decades and pairing people with matches is only the half of it. The rest is about ensuring that you’re absolutely date ready and any matchmaker worth their salt will have a team of professionals at your disposal. This includes support from dating coaches, stylists, tailors and etiquette experts. Any dating challenges you have should be looked after, honestly and with care.


A large disappointment with online dating is meeting people who do not share the same relationship goals as yourself. You can, however, be certain that the people you meet through an exclusive matchmaking service are as invested in finding love as you are. Generally speaking, people who join introduction agencies are clear about their needs and are looking for a serious relationship. Good time gals and boys, tend to go elsewhere.


Men and woman who join matchmaking services are verified, and often credit checked or referenced. This means you can feel assured that you know exactly who you’re meeting for a date and that your matchmaker does as well. Overlooking your safety in the search for love should never be part of the deal.


It’s worth remembering that matchmaking, for many of those who do it, is more of a vocation than a job. With this comes passion and most importantly, experience. Intuition and the confidence built from dealing with relationships day-in day-out is not something that can be faked. This experience and instinct will always do more for you than random pokes or algorithms on a dating website.If using a matchmaker [] is something you’re considering, then the best foot forward is to pick up the phone and speak with one []. A phone call costs nothing and could offer you so much.