Traditional Dating

Is It Time for a Return to Traditional Dating?

Tinder, the online dating app, burst onto the scene in 2012 and has been making the news ever since. Sometimes, however, the stories are not all good. Recently, it came out to defend itself on Twitter following claims in a Vanity Fair article that it was responsible for a 'dating apocalypse'.The article claimed that Tinder was responsible for a new type of dating that put more focus on casual meet-ups and 'swiping', and Sky News reported on the angry response from the dating app. Tinder fired off 30 tweets in response, claiming that it "creates experiences" and "connections", but it was clearly hurt by the suggestions made in the article.At the same time, a video in the Huffington Post looked at whether it is time to go back to traditional dating. A number of daters were interviewed, including a woman who went on 30 dates in 30 days, an "exhausting" experience, and one that made her realise just how difficult it was to find like-minded people who she actually wanted to go on a date with using standard dating sites.Another of the interviewees mention that it had taken on a game-like culture, where swiping became a fun activity that had less focus on meeting the love of your life.

For Many, Dating Is Not a Game

The problem is, for many people finding love is not a game. It's a very serious issue. It becomes even more serious when these people are incredibly busy and do not have the time to spend swiping through endless faces to find someone they are interested in based on a photo and some basic information.While no one is disputing the fact that many meaningful relationships have been forged through apps like Tinder, it is also fair to say that it is not for everyone. Clearly, there are many people out there who do not think that looking at photos and a few stats is the best way to find love.

Put Your Faith in Traditional Matchmaking

For many people, a more traditional experience involving dinner and a conversation may prove to be more successful. The problem with this is that it takes time to find the right people to meet up with in the first place. Many people are simply too busy. They lead busy lives, they are on the road a lot, and they simply don't have time to go on dates that will not go anywhere.We offer the best of both worlds. We provide a more traditional experience where you meet up and talk to like-minded people. And you know they are going to be like-minded because we hand-pick the matches we think will suit you best, based on getting to know our clients personally.We don't rely on photos, stats, quick chats and swiping, so you don't waste time finding people to go on a date with only to quickly learn that this is not going anywhere.Dating in the modern age may be very different to how it used to be, but sometimes the original methods still work best. If you agree, let us know and we'll work on finding you the perfect match.If you are interested in our

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