The Gender Divide

Men & Women's Dating Wishlists Revealed

We reveal the truth behind what men and women really look for in a partner.Today, the influence of social media means dating is a minefield, making it difficult to differentiate between the qualities of the online persona and the real-life person. World-leading introductions agency Berkeley International, are experts in the intricacies of making introductions for gifted and professional people, and have a vast fountain of knowledge about what men and women really want. So, in the complex world of dating, what are qualities we value most in a partner?Global Managing Director of Berkeley International and leading relationship psychologist, Mairead Molloy, is one of the most successful matchmakers in the world. She has listened to countless singletons reveal their most desired traits of a prospective partner, and here divulges the sought-after top ten qualities we look for when embarking on a new relationship.

Men's Dating Wish List

Women's Dating Wish List

1) Self-confident1) Masculine2) Independent2) Provides security3) Loyal3) Possesses good father qualities4) Attractive4) Intelligent5) Respectful5) Good sense of humour6) Possesses good manners6) Risk-taker7) A friend and a lover7) Attentive

Confidence is King

“If you thought men were shallow, think again! Self-confidence gets the number one spot in the qualities men most value when looking for a partner. Those body insecurities need not be a problem, so learn to love yourself and romance may soon follow”.

Masculinity is a must

“With masculinity and security hitting the top spot for women, it is important for men to make sure that the lady in their lives feels protective and safe! As a general theme, I’ve also noticed that old-fashioned values still stand – open the car door for her, offer her your jacket if she’s cold and make sure she gets home safe. All of these will paint you as a protective and attentive partner, contributing to her view of you as the ideal man”.

Good manners prevail

“Old-fashioned values are not solely the responsibility of men – men place high importance on good manners, respect and loyalty. Traits such as these are simple to carry out, so make sure you don’t overlook the significance of being polite and personable, particularly when meeting your partner’s friends, family and colleagues for the first time”.

Thoughtfulness wins Hearts

“Although not highest on the list, the importance of not forgetting an anniversary has made it into the top ten qualities women look for. We often laugh about men’s forgetfulness surrounding anniversaries, but a card, flowers and cooking a romantic meal is a small price to pay for keeping your significant other happy and content (ladies this works both ways!)”

Laughter leads to Love

“Interestingly, a good sense of humour and honesty feature on both lists, suggesting that men and women are more similar than we think. If all else fails, make sure you are upfront with your intentions and crack a few jokes on the date!”

Be realistic

“Since founding Berkeley in 2005. I’ve picked up on a few key, interesting changes – we are getting pickier and wish lists are definitely getting longer! So fear not if you don’t match to all of these requirements; blame it on the technological age we live in. Just make sure you don’t put DNA on your list of requirements – my strangest request! I may be an expert matchmaker but even I can’t manipulate genetics!Berkeley International is a specialist introduction agency and elite matchmaking service, to find out more

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