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Single? How To Manifest Love This Valentine’s Day

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day then we have a very exciting activity on the cards for you. Yes, you heard right, we have an evening planned that means you can forget all the friends who are out being wined and dined, and set about to finding your own perfect partner.Grab yourself a pen and paper, something to drink, a snack and then let’s get comfortable. It’ll take as long as it needs to, depending on the level of clarity you already have and we want you to be 100% committed. We want you to manifest the partner of your dreams.


We purposely haven’t started with looks for this activity because the way someone makes you feel is far more important in a long lasting relationship. The key to manifestation, and doing it well, is all about being extremely specific and clear in your goals. You have to know, and have a clear picture of, exactly what you’re asking for. In this case, it’s how you want to feel when you’re around them.Write down how you want your lover to make you feel when you’re with them, when you’re alone, when you’re upset, when you’ve had a great day at work. Go through as many different scenarios as you can, and write until you get a true sense of what it might feel like to be with this person. Don’t be afraid to ask for what your heart truly needs, regardless of whether you think it’s possible or realistic.


Think about the type of person that you plan on spending a lot of time with, possibly the rest of your life. Think about introducing them to your friends and your family, how do they behave, what are their good qualities?Take the time to consider what’s important to you now, as well as what will be important to you in your future. Are they strong minded, dependable, stable, funny, whimsical, spontaneous, loyal, easy-going…? There are so many different attributes you can give to a mate, but ensure you choose the ones that really resonate with yourself and the life you want to live.


People often don’t think about the wider circle surrounding a potential love match and if they do, it’s usually limited to a partner’s career and or their children and any exes. As you work on manifesting this new addition to your love life, we want you to consider and then write down your ideal scenario. Does the partner of your dreams have a large extended family that they’re very close to, do they have a best friend who’s a good influence, are there lots of friends, or is it a small intimate circle? Again, be really clear about who you are and what would fit best with this.


Last but not least, looks. Although this doesn’t have to be the defining factor in whether or not you date someone, attraction and chemistry are of course important.When you think about or picture this new partner, who may arrive in time for next Valentine’s Day, what do you see? How tall are they, is their build athletic or cuddly? When you’re doing this imagining, it’s important you ask for who you want and who you can genuinely see yourself being with in a relationship.Ladies, there’s zero point asking for an Adonis if you’re going to be deathly insecure every time you leave the house with him. Likewise men, we advise that you don’t aim for a supermodel if you have a jealous personality that you don’t plan to work on before meeting her!


This is a fun and serious task all in one, so treat it that way. Take the time for yourself, and with yourself, to manifest the type of partnership that will give you the life of coupled happiness you want. The world of love is your oyster.For more information on how Berkeley International's elite matchmaking services can be of use to you visit our


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