Online Dating Security

Security in the Online Dating Age: Are Your Details Safe?

The Ashley Madison hack has been all over the newspapers recently. The website that allows married people to sign up to seek out extra-marital affairs has never been far from controversy for obvious reasons. Perhaps the only good thing is that now people are going to think twice before signing up for an affair on the site.But the hack has put the whole issue of security surrounding online dating security into focus. And although you may think that because you have not signed up on the Ashley Madison website you are safe, if you have ever created a profile on a dating site, your data could be at risk.

'Most Dating Websites Have Been Breached'

The International Business Times recently reported that most dating websites have been hacked at some point in the past, and that sensitive user info is likely to have been sold on the dark web.This is shocking to learn because confidentiality is so important when it comes to the very personal issue of dating.But hackers are attracted to such websites for the very reason that they are likely to find lots of personal information on them, and this makes it easier to find targets for their spamming campaigns.For websites that contain so many sensitive details including personal details and private communications, it is terrible that many are simply not protected well enough.

Other Concerns for Online Daters

Anything you do online comes with a certain level of risk in terms of a data breach. But dating is such a sensitive area that security has to be taken even more seriously. In addition to the risk of hackers breaking into dating websites, there are also other potential dangers to consider.One possible risk is that people are not actually who they say they are. Financial scams are not unheard of, and there is also the risk that you may reveal too much about yourself. You may also have to watch out for serial daters who are not really interested in forming a relationship at all.

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