Online Dating Problems

Why Does Online Dating So Often Fail?

Online dating is becoming more popular than ever, with more people giving it a try to see if they can find that someone special. On the face of it, online dating is a great idea. You cut out the time and luck factor involved in finding an interested singleton and go straight to getting to know them.So why is it that so many people are being left dismayed by their online dating experiences?

Too Much Focus on Details

The Guardian goes so far as to ask whether online dating is 'destroying love'. It points out that dating sites seem to think that once you have a few details and a photo of someone, you can decide whether someone is a good potential match. But it makes the comparison between people and wine, suggesting that basic descriptions are not very useful in either case.

Dishonesty Makes Algorithms Redundant

Another problem is that people are often dishonest when answering questions and describing themselves. Seeing as such questions are used to pair you up, when people are dishonest, it will not work – no matter how good the algorithms are, it simply won't matter.

The Need for Meaningful Interactions

To grow a relationship, you need meaningful interactions. That means face-to-face communication, which can be both verbal and nonverbal. When we meet people in person, we pick up on clues that guide our judgement on how suitable a partner is. Sensory stimuli like smell, touch and sound all become important – all of which a computer profile cannot do.Sarah Knapton even argues in The Telegraph that we should stop online dating completely. But should we all give up?

Increasing the Odds of Success with a Different Dating Formula

Not all dating agencies are the same. Sure, you've got all the different websites that cater for different type of people, such as gay, straight, dog lovers, religious, etc. But they are often the same basic formula, just with a twist.At Berkeley International, we are different. We focus on making individual connections by getting to know you and your potential dates personally. We spend the time needed to get to know you, including what you want and what you are really like – not by email or an algorithm, but in person.As a result, we have a much better chance of matching you up with someone who is right for you, so you can meet up in person for a date knowing that there is a good chance of success.We can help to increase the odds – without relying on dishonest profiles, flattering photos or algorithms. If using a dating agency is not working out for you, that doesn't mean it is wrong for you. It may just mean that you need to change the way you are going about it.Berkeley International is an international introduction agency and elite matchmaking service, to find out more

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