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Men – The Questions Your Valentine’s Blind Date Really Wants To Ask You.

People are usually on their best behaviour when it comes to first dates. Filled with a whole gamut of emotions, even the most confident of us are likely to be harbouring nerves, worry about how we’re going to be perceived and of course, that ever present fear of rejection. With this in mind, Macbeth Matchmaking is giving you a golden ticket into your date’s mind. If you get stuck for conversation at any point, or aren’t quite sure what that look meant, here are some of the things she’s wondering, but probably to embarrassed to say. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.


With a few exceptions, this is usually the prevailing thought in a women’s mind when she’s sitting across the table from you. It will be especially true if she’s looking for a serious relationship and is uninterested in wasting time on someone with differing goals.If your date does have the confidence to just come out and ask it, your only job is to give an honest answer. Don’t be afraid to be upfront and honest, we’re all adults here.


A vague sort of question yes, but we’re all thinking it. You meet that perfect person, go on that special date and in the back of your mind you’re waiting for the catch. You’re waiting for ‘that thing,’ the one that you’ll either have to accept or put up with, if you enter into a full-blown relationship.Your own thing could be a bizarre sexual quirk, a penchant for eating spaghetti in your pyjamas, or a group of very unsavoury friends she might not appreciate. If you get on to this topic, or anywhere near it, think carefully before you reveal all. Whilst we believe in complete transparency, there are some things best kept until an appropriate time has passed. This however, is entirely your own choice. If you’re feeling brave, go for it.


True, not the most elegant of questions, but it doesn’t have to be elegant because it’s mostly kept inside a woman’s head on the first date. For some reason, probably simply down to the fact that we’re all human after all, it seems that men always have an ex with astory. Either you’re not over her, she’s not over you, she still needs to collect stuff from your place, or you still visit her children etc etc. We’re ready and waiting, so save time by fessing up now and when you’re done, get her to tell you her ex story!


Sometimes a woman won’t really believe that you fancy them unless a) you say it or b) you ask to see them again. If you are attracted to the woman you’re on a date with, don’t hesitate to tell her. You’ll lose nothing by being up front, as long as it’s given as a compliment, with no agenda or expectations attached.


So a woman can, as too can a man, be very invested in the answer to this question, as it may be viewed as the measure of one’s ability to commit. Depending on your age, less than a couple of years may receive a raised eyebrow, and more than ten years could have them wondering what suddenly went wrong, especially if there was no marriage. Basically, any answer you give is going to require an explanation. And to be fair to women, it’s not always about making a judgement, sometimes it’s pure curiosity.To find out more about Berkeley Internationals elite matchmaking services visit our how we work [] section. Or contact out team by filling out our discrete enquiry form here [].