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Ladies, this is what he wants from a woman…

If you’ve been single a while, or are recently getting back into the dating world, you may be wondering exactly what it is men are seeking in 2018. It has to be said that our society doesn’t always allow for them to be truly open about what they need or want from a partner, so we’re going to step in and be totally honest with you. Here it is…


Men want a woman who they can be themselves with. This means that they’re accepted for who they are, at their core, and able to express it in the way they most feel comfortable with. Changing the way a man dresses, influencing the type of foods he eats or even the sort of shows he watches, may be okay as a surface level adaptation, but expecting him to stop seeing particular friends, give up hobbies or suddenly begin caring deeply about your shoe collection is a whole different story.There are such strong expectations of what it is to be a man these days that sometimes we spend too much time thinking about the great things our lover could be doing, that we don’t see the good they are doing. Be honest with yourself; if you have doubts, if he’s not right for you, don’t try to mould him into what you need, find someone who is already that shape.


Yes, we’ve all heard that saying which refers to men wanting a woman who’s as good in the bedroom as she is in the kitchen… but let’s dial it back a little. What men really want from a partner is someone who’s willing to try new things and who is open to them also expressing a need for new experiences, in multiple areas of the relationship. The best way for you to give this to a man is for you to be as smart, sassy, sexy and mostly, as confident in your own skin as possible. Men want and are attracted to women who are comfortable with who they are, do not need constant validation and are not continuously putting themselves down. We’ve all had that friend who constantly needs propping up or who has very low self-esteem, it’s no fun to witness.


As well as men loving women who are confident, men do also love those who are independent and able to stand on their own two feet. However, this doesn’t mean they want their role in the relationship usurped, making them feel or become surplus to requirement.What does that mean…? It means not blocking him from being chivalrous when he wants to be and in the ways that matter to him. It means allowing him look after you, even though you can do it well-enough yourself. It means you not needing to be in complete control all the time, and trusting him to do things right, even if it’s different to your version of right.Men want women who are able to let go, relinquish the reigns and allow them the space to be who they are, and who they want to be for you.


Men want women who are ready to be loved in the way they want to be. This means that old relationship baggage has been healed and let go, or at very least acknowledged and steps taken. It means that you’re past the stage where an ex’s previous actions cause you unfounded suspicion with new partners, or makes self-doubt an ever-present accompaniment in the relationship.There are millions of women out there who are desperate to find their Mr Right, but who haven’t yet done the work to be his Mrs Right. Don’t be one of those women. The fact you’re even reading this shows you’re on the right path already.


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