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It’s All Happening Online, Why Would I Want A Matchmaker?

When it comes to the public perception of matchmakers, there are some wildly out-dated visions conjured up in people’s minds. The image of an elderly lady flicking through old-style roller decks, teasing out handwritten profiles, is one of our favourites. So too is the misguided belief that it’s somehow an inferior way to help single men and women find a long term and suitable partner. Neither of these assumptions could be any further from the truth.For this reason and for all the other amusing concerns we hear, Berkeley International is here to show you how using a matchmaker could be exactly what you need. Yes, even in the super digital age.


As matchmakers with decades of experience, we’re extremely good at listening to your desires. More importantly than this however, we’re adept at asking questions which truly reveal what you need from your ideal relationship.When you write your own profiles, casually swipe past potential matches or ignore people who are attracted to you, there is the very real possibility that you’re being clouded by ‘your story’. What we mean by this is that you’re sticking fast to an old way of thinking and seeing yourself. You’re also possibly repeating old unhelpful patterns that could be replaced with more positive ones. As partners in your dating process, we aren’t shy in giving you the full support, honesty and clarity so often missed with online dating.We’re also keenly aware that members who work with us and who invest in our expertise are extremely driven and more motivated to be honest about their long-term goals. This is what helps us to match successfully. This is what limits the time you may otherwise waste on people being unclear, or pretending to be something they’re not.


There is no algorithm that can accurately mimic or replace human chemistry or intuition. This is a fact that we love to remind members about, or those doubting the effectiveness of handpicked dates.We meet with all the members on our books. We spend time in their company and actually put in the work and attention required to get to know them. Rather than have our members spend multiple hours on the wrong dates, we essentially do the work for them beforehand. More than looking at a photograph or exchanging a few text messages, we’re able to use our skills to assess whether you and potential matches would suit each other in person. For our members, there’s no downside to this arrangement.


Working with a matchmaker and having regular check-ins can and will keep you focused on your relationship goals, more than you would expect. In the dating world it’s so incredibly easy to lose sight of what you really want, to start settling or believing that your heart’s desire just isn’t available to you. A matchmaker who consistently presents you with strong contenders for your affections, who does not allow you to settle or waste time with those who are unsuitable, can be a very grounding force to have on your side.


Whatever your social status, it’s incredibly common these days to have an entourage of sorts to help you with your daily life. You may not have thought about it in this way, but a life coach, a personal trainer, a cleaner, a nutritionist, all these people are part of what keeps a lot of us feeling good, sane and on track to the life we aspire to. Having a matchmaker on speed dial isn’t as daring as it may seem.If You take your love life seriously, if you’re too busy to go on countless dates and want to at least know that you’re spending your time wisely, then a matchmaker is the person who will maximise your efforts.The questions shouldn’t be why would you want to use a matchmaker, it should be why wouldn’t you?Armed with the knowledge of how useful matchmaking services can be fill in our discrete enquiry form here and find how Berkeley International can help you.