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International Kissing Day

When events pop up in our calendar that signal as much romance as International Kissing Day, it’s near impossible to not get involved in the love fest. Kissing, whether gently on a lover’s nose or passionately after time apart, is a pleasure so simple that we forget its power. We forget, in the midst of our comfort and familiarity, that it is one of the most intimate acts there is. In the early days of dating when we’re full of uncertainty, nerves and furtive glances, the sensuality of kissing is rarely rivalled. It’s something we look forward to, a thing to be valued. So, this July 6 we’re helping reconnect you with the wonder that is using your lips as the pleasure givers – and receivers – that they are.


However long you’ve been dating, whether it’s a month or a year, think back to the first time your lips touched. It’s easy for couples to forget they ever kissed just for the sake of kissing and these types of shared memories are worth replaying every so often. Revisiting a time when everything was new and fresh is a real heart softener and nostalgia will do its best to help you recreate the moment. Talk about how you felt, what the anticipation was like and what your thoughts were afterwards.


Pay close attention to the types of kisses you have started to give each other when saying hello or goodbye. As relationships become long term and life becomes more routine, the lips can literally seem a stretch too far in moments like this. The good news is that they really aren’t, it simply has to mean enough to you to go those extra few inches. Remind yourself of the time when coming home to or leaving your partner was a significant emotional event that you paid attention to. Give your love life a boost now by replacing cursory cheek kisses with real ones that truly acknowledge one another in the moment.


One of the major reasons that kissing can fall by the wayside in relationships is because it stops being the main event and becomes a precursor to sex. Often women and men avoid it or are reluctant for fear of giving out the wrong signals or inviting the expectation of more. When people are genuinely tired or busy, sex can be the last thing on their minds, so learning to communicate openly between the two of you is super important. Trial a day or week when kissing is the only activity on the cards for you both. Once you get into the swing of it, give it a name and always keep it as an option.


If it’s a night when more than lips to lips is definitely on the cards, then this may be the one for you. Once you become intimate with someone that you’re dating, it opens up a world of sexy options. Before getting carried away with complex games, positions and toys, make sure to experiment with what you naturally have. Lips can trace erogenous zones, soothe tension, relax nerves and excite with just the slightest variations of pressure.


Once we reach a certain age, kissing in public is seen as rather a crass or not very polite thing to do. Sometimes however, you need to forget who’s watching, disregard what other people think and kiss your partner wherever and whenever the moment takes you. It’s romantic and it’s fun. There is also no better way to make someone feel special, than to show them they mean more to you than the opinions of others.Berkeley International we pride ourselves on our




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