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How To Continue The Romance After Valentine’s Day

After the hype of your Valentine’s Day celebrations, however long these last for you, it’s extremely easy for the romance to simmer down without either of you even realising it’s happening. A common grumble - from the true romantics out there - is often how forced the whole experience can be and how the expression of love should be a year-round event. The idea of it being limited to one seemingly compulsory day doesn’t sit well for all of us, and so continuous shows of affection and appreciation is the goal we’re aiming toward.To help keep the momentum of your Valentine’s Day going, we’ve put together some key ways to make sure the rest of the year is filled with just as much fun and gratitude for each other.


As much as we all know and love the concept of date night, it’s still one of the easiest activities to forget or let fall by the wayside. Just like Valentine’s Day, uninterrupted time alone needs a firm date in the calendar, whether you chose to do it once a week, fortnight or month. Commit to it in the same way you would to seeing busy friends or clients, it’s just as important, if not more so.


Surprises can keep the spark alive in a relationship, especially when familiarity with one another’s habits and routines begins to turn into predictability. The different ways to surprise your partner can range from preparing special meals, organising impromptu breaks and day trips, to leaving handwritten notes somewhere you know they’ll find them. Don’t let love become complacent and create surprises that you really enjoy giving or taking part in yourself.


As we become comfortable with one another there are a lot of ways that we start to make less and less effort. Keeping ourselves as presentable, sexy and generally well-kempt is often one of the first things we start to take for granted. Just because she’s seen you hung over in your underwear, or he’s accustomed to your morning bedhead, doesn’t mean all pretence at looking like his glamour puss or her stud should be abandoned.It’s in some people’s nature to take what they have for granted, and a reminder as often as possible can help to really secure a relationship. If you make time for yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally, your partner won’t forget that they need to do those things for you too.


Joint activities that extend beyond wine and a boxset will help you learn more about each other and develop your communication skills as a couple. It’s preferable to choose something you’re both new to, or have the same level of understanding about, so you can begin on equal footing and grow together. Learn a new language, take up pottery, chocolate making or a massage class. Keep it interactive, help each other and make it enjoyable for you both.


When we’re together a long time, intimate interactions like flirting can either disappear or become woefully less imaginative. Don’t be embarrassed to share risqué double entendres, play at being coy or hard to get with one another. When you tease a partner or playfully exchange favours such as sensual massages - or more, should you wish - it may reignite old embers before they go out completely.For more information on how Berkerley International can help you visit our how we work page [] or enquire here [] for more information.