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If you’ve been following our blog for the past few years you’ll know we’ve covered a multitude of different topics, guiding both men and women through the world of dating. From the devastating Help, my relationship is ending [] and How to move on after infidelity [], to the more fun and whimsical 10 Spontaneous things to do this summer [], we’ve discussed the ups and downs of finding a long-term partner and maintaining harmonious relationships.This New Year, in appreciation of your continued interest and support, we want to do something slightly different. This year is all about opening the floor to you guys, both our members and non-members alike, to tell us what you need to hear from our experts. If we haven’t yet covered the subjects that most confuse, upset or amuse you, then you can let us know by commenting on our social media [].Here are some pointers, if you need them:


There are a lot of dating apps and websites available now, literally thousands of ways to meet people and attempt to get to know them better. In theory, it should be a lot easier to find the man or woman of your dreams and at least try to create something special and lasting. As we all know however, with more choice can come more complexity, people looking for perfection, or constantly hedging their bets.If you have tried online dating and various apps but now have questions about how matchmaking might be a better option, then ask us. What part of the process interests or alienates you, what have you always assumed about matchmaking and what’s maybe put you off in the past?


Before you get into a relationship, for some of you there is what feels like a truly epic bout of dating. This involves many aspects, including frustrations about again deciding where to go or what to do, and jittery butterflies over whether your date likes you and will want to see you again.Dating for men and women is very different and even though the ultimate experience is a shared one, you’ll each see it from different perspectives and have different concerns about the process. So tell us, what do you most need to get to grips with, is it what to wear, ghosting, first kisses, compromising, or even how to have fun?


For a lot of people in the dating world, finding a partner to have a relationship with is the biggest and clearest goal, for obvious reasons. It’s once in a relationship however, that one suddenly realises the ability to maintain it is the next crucial skill required. The goal at this point becomes about not making a mistake that could send you straight back to the dating pool you’ve just escaped.We want you to think about your previous partnerships and about what you found hardest, or what the common factor for your breakups have been. Do you find it difficult to express your needs, do many of your partners cheat, do you always end up compromising? Let us know what you personally struggle with and what you need to learn more about.


Confidence is attractive, there’s no denying that. There are multiple reasons you may be lacking it but it’s necessary to believe that life doesn’t have to remain this way.Tell us whether you have self-esteem issues, problems with the way you look, the way you dress. Ask us how to use conversations skills that are engaging, or how to listen attentively and show a date you’re interested in them.


In our business, we come into contact with people from all walks of life. This includes different ethnicities, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. What this means is that we’re in a unique position to match couples based on multiple factors and across a vast range of preferences.Are you a strong independent woman who struggles to find a man with equal income, or one who’s comfortable with your busy lifestyle? Are you a man of means who struggles to know if a woman loves you for who you are and not what you have []? Whether your question is about dating outside of your ethnicity [], pay scale or locality, we may just have the answers you need to hear, to get your love life moving in a healthy, more positive direction.If there is a topic you feel we haven't covered, why not ask us on Twitter [] or follow us on LinkedIn [] and we'll find the blog for you or write you a new one to answer your questions.