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Do You Really Need To Make New Year Resolutions?

Before you get out your pen and paper this year and follow through with the blind pursuit of making New Year resolutions, ask yourself this, do I really need to? The answer, most likely, is going to be hellyes, and there’s nothing wrong with this. We all have things we want to do better and be better at, but to stop your resolutions turning into just a massive list-building exercise, we’re asking you to start with questions, not answers.


There’s a whole world of people out here who desperately want to achieve a myriad of things in the New Year. It could be to have a fit body, better-eating habits, more holidays, a new relationship, or a business goal. These are all doable of course, the problem however is that it’s really easy for overload to set in when there’s zero prioritisation involved. Beware, once overwhelm begins to creep in, things will quickly start to feel more and more out of reach. For this reason, you need to create a priority list and also categorise the things that will need prior investment. For example, if one of your goals is a new relationship, does this require you getting rid of emotional baggage from your old one first?


This is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t aim to begin everything immediately, or even all on the same day. As exciting and challenging as this New Year may feel, you do still need to remember that you’re human, which requires you to pace your movements. Putting yourself under too much pressure will mean you burn yourself out early, or at very least that you quit because a few things weren’t realistic and so now it all feels that way. Don’t set arbitrary deadlines and don’t do it for anyone else other than yourself.


There’s little point deciding that this year is going to be the year you find true love, or settle down and have children, if you don’t do anything different to what you did last year. There’s no magic involved here, no tricks, it simply comes down to some serious dedication and a little hard work.You need to be really clear about life. Ask yourself why you haven’t achieved any particular goal already and determine what your new approach is going be. It may be something as quick as just being more social than you used to be, mixing in different circles, or setting higher expectations for yourself. Words are rarely enough, put some intention and power behind them.


We can all reel off a whole array of things we want to receive from the New Year, but most of the time we forget about giving back or blowing life into our dreams. On a personal level, it can be as basic as forgetting to make space in our calendar for that relationship we want, or forgetting to make an effort and look for the new house we’ve been fantasising about for months. New year resolutions aren’t about waiting for things to come to you, they’re also about you going out there and grabbing what you want.In addition to this, think about what you’re going to give this year to someone who asks for nothing in return. Perhaps volunteer to spend time talking to an elderly person who’s lonely, building something for the less fortunate, or just being more grateful for what you have.If you are looking for that special someone fill in our discrete


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