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Christmas gifts for you lover

It’s that time of year again! That time to declare you’re not buying anyone a gift, before turning around and diving head-first into the festive commercialism. Try not to feel too guilty, it’s extremely easy to get caught up in this season and really, one of the best ways to deal with it is to accept it. If you feel you have to give gifts, then do your best to give ones that truly matter. Remember, it’s not about cost, it’s about effort.


Jewellery for Christmas, in fact at any time of year, always has the potential of being a deeply moving and personal gift. To help have it well-received, make sure your partner a) wears jewellery b) doesn’t have a sentimental attachment to an old piece that you’re trying to replace c) wears the type of jewellery you’re buying, i.e. platinum or gold.Another tip we have is that unless you’re already engaged or married, try to steer clear from buying rings. It could be construed as a proposal and if that’s not your intention, it might make for an awkward day.


Gifting someone with a short break or activities is a great option if it’s well considered and thought out. The key with this is to make it as easy as possible for your partner to redeem their gift. So, check in advance when they have or can book days off work. Check, for example, they have an interest in flying a plane and not a phobia of being that high. Check passports are in date and definitely think about whether it’s something they would love to do alone i.e. a spa, or with you there.


As unromantic as it may seem to buy someone a phone for Christmas, it is occasionally the preferred gift that people will really value. If a smart watch, tablet or laptop is on your lover’s wish list this year, you can always soften the exchange with something cute like their favourite candy to go with it. It will show that you want to fulfil their needs, but also that you have no problem being sentimental too.


There is always the option during any gift-giving occasion to engage your creativity. Think about the talents you have, the things you’re good at and which of those your partner supports and values as much as you do. If you write, dedicate a poem to her. If you compose, create a piece of music for him. Creative gifts can become keepsakes that are timeless and are utterly unique.


If you find it difficult to find that single earth-quaking gift for your partner, there is the choice to create a collection from their most favourite things. We’re not talking about being lazy and buying a hamper off the shelf, as you might do for a colleague, we mean bespoke, thoughtful, one of a kind. Items to include are their favourite confectionery, wine, literature, music, fragrance, theatre tickets, spa vouchers. The margins for indulgence are endless and lots of small things can equal a big impact.



Giving gifts based on a partner’s personality shows that you’re a lover who listens and pays attention to what’s important to you both as individuals. If your partner is a practical ‘fixer’ type, gifts they can make or put together may be extremely exciting for them, even if you think it dull. Likewise for a partner who is creative, gifting them something that encourages or develops this talent shows deep nurturing and reveals an interest in their personal growth. Use the person you’re with as the inspiration for what to give them, not simply what you come across first in the shops.If you would like a helping hand in finding a partner this Christmas, get in touch [] with a member of our expert team who will be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have, alternatively you can fill in our discreet online form here [].