Millionaire Matchmaker: Berkeley International

Mairead Molloy is internationally renowned for playing cupid to the some of the world’s elitist, richest, famous and most desirable singletons. The dating agency Berkeley International has offices in both Cannes and London, and is one of the most exclusive introduction agencies in Europe. Facconable caught up with the ‘millionaires matchmaker’ and talked about her love-affair with Cannes and the bankers’ and celebrities’ love-affair with Berkeley International…In 1999 you bought a hotel in Cannes. What attracted you to move to Cannes? I wanted a change of scene, something new to do in order to spread my wings, and move abroad. What inspired you to head up Berkeley International, Europe’s most exclusive introduction agency? I actually fell into it by accident! It wasn’t something that I had planned to go into Does the clientele of Berkeley International, Mayfair differ at all from the clientele of Berkeley International, Cannes? If so, in what ways? Sure, London is a very different city to Cannes and Monaco, but similar in many ways to Paris. London is a very fast paced, snap your fingers culture, with higher expectations and longer ‘shopping lists’ for the types of dates that clients want. Cannes is much more relaxed. And the French really believe in love, which is wonderful. Anglo Saxons are naturally more cynical! You are internationally renowned for playing match-maker for the rich and famous. Could you give us a hint on some of the most famous names you have had on Berkeley International’s books? Oh I’m afraid I really couldn’t tell, confidentiality is so important to all our members. All I can say is that we have some truly fabulous celebrities as members! Do you think that millionaire introduction agencies are more effective than less affluent ones, or other ways of meeting a partner? Where we differ is helping members who have specific requirements regarding the type of person they want to meet. We offer a truly bespoke service which other agencies can’t match Given your vast experience, do you find that ‘opposites attract’ or are people who share the same interests generally more successful in bonding a relationship? You can never tell, it’s completely crazy the types that get on well together. It never ceases to amaze me! Can you share with us one of the most ‘mushiest’ and successful love stories spawned by Berkeley International? Oh there are so many! One of my favourites is about a guy on a train journey in France. He was going on a date in Cannes, set up by us. Opposite him was a drop dead gorgeous girl who he would have loved to have chatted up, but didn’t quite strike up the nerve. When he arrived for the date later that evening, lo and behold he found it was with the very same girl! The best part is that they went on to get married!

Would you describe the Cote d’Azur, with its enviable climate, stunning landscapes, exquisite towns and well-heeled citizens and visitors, as being possibly the perfect place to find love?

It’s just so romantic. People are less stressed than say in London, Paris or New York, and ‘expectations’ are lower.. So, it’s perhaps easier in some ways. And finally… Can money really buy love? Yes! Well, it can certainly help you find the person you’ve been looking for – that’s where we come in.